A Brief History of the 93rd Constitution Amendment

Reality Check India

Early 2005 was a time of joyous celebration in the Congress Party. They had just upset the BJP led National Democratic Alliance at the polls. Their allies DMK and the Communists had pulled off spectacular wins in their states.  Sonia Gandhi was in firm control of the Congress party and none of the smaller allies had any big ticket ambitions. They could be placated by a few sectarian concessions, relaxed prosecution, or providing them corruption opportunities. It seemed like the dark days of the Hindutva agenda under Vajyapee were truly over.

However, under the covers, one critical problem loomed that needed urgent fixing. Strategic thinkers of the establishment realized that the principal canon of the “Idea of India” was damaged beyond recognition under BJPs rule.  That of the state to run outright communal preferences in the domain of education.

Judicial blows to the Idea of India

The Indian state has grappled unsuccessfully with the issue…

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Holding my breath , eyes closed
The world perhaps shimmering above me-
I can hear a voice…
Persephone…..? Is that you ?
Yes, Yes, I can hear you. I can, I can
Speak to me, please
But no, no, I can hold my breath no longer…
No! No! I am not turning away
I will, I will come back
I Promise.

I can hear your voice again
Your desperate, pleading voice……
A frenzied voice, hammering against the
Still and flowing wall
Of my heart….
Do I have the power to rescue you???
Do I? Do I?
Yes, yes, I do think I have.
But I cannot , I cannot hold my breath
Any longer
Will I come back ? Can I ?
Yes, I think I will.

Persephone, is that you?……

I can’t recognize your voice!!!
Your voice has changed!!!!
Indecipherable, far below me….
Like fallen stars gleaming in the dark depths
Viewed from a star-less welkin
A firmament devoid of light.
I am tired, tired, exhausted.
I put on my clothes, I leave my breath behind.
Adios , my love.

Rising up, gaining the ground.
The sun blazing over me
The heat churning me ; i gasp
i have left my breath behind!!!

Rising up, i see a Majestic Creature
In gold and black
Slithering down into Your Abode.
Maybe , maybe, maybe She can, maybe She will
Hear Your Voice…